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If you are here I can probably guess why. You have been asking the question, “Why do I have to learn math?” “Where am I ever going to use this?”

Well luckily for you I have all of the answers! Just kidding but I can show you some things that you might not have thought of pertaining to math. And maybe you will understand how important it can be.






  1. Mathematics studies neighborhoods, groups and free groups, rings, ideals, holes, poles and removable poles, trees, growth ...
  2. Mathematics also studies models, shapes, curves, cardinals, similarity, consistency, completeness, space ...
  3. Among objects of mathematical study are heredity, continuity, jumps, infinity, infinitesimals, paradoxes...
  4. Last but not the least, Mathematics studies stability, projections and values, values are often absolute but may also be extreme, local or global.



What Would We Be Missing?


Many of you do not realize what a great contribution math has been to society as we know it. While you are not expected to learn the math that would allow you to creates this

I am sure that many of you want this

And all of you really like having these

Without math we would still be living in these

Not that I would mind until it turned cold. But without math we would not be able to have electricity, cars, money, or even the houses we live in.

Math is not just adding, subtracting, and multiplying and dividing. There are so many things that math plays an important part of. Why it is even responsible for the way the world turns.

I realize that there are times when you may think that a math problem is totally useless but sometimes it is not the math problem itself you need to look at but how to solve it. Take for example 2+2=4 simple enough right? But what if it looked like this jj+jj would you believe that is the same problem. It is. Many of you will look at the problem and think that it is 11+11 but think about it this way there are two coins on each side how many coins are there all together.

That is what math is: figuring out how to solve a problem and isn’t this something we do in our everyday lives and not even think about it?

While I don’t expect that you will ever enjoy math I think that with a different perspective on things you might not hate it as much.



Now Some Fun Stuff

Cool Sites These are some fun game sites that I have found. Maybe you’ll even forget that you are doing math


Extra Credit Ok if you still do not like math I have tried but how about some extra credit. We all like that right?