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If you want to know my education and credentials go look at my resume, if you want to see what I look like look at here I am. this is just a little background about me and why I want to teach.

I have seen my children struggle through homework and want to be able to help them to the best of my abilities, for this I am going to school. my children are not only the kids I am related to but all of the kids who come into my life be it through teaching, playing outside, or babysitting, have become "my" kids. 

But the real reason I started the teaching program is to get the summers off. but as I progressed through my education I found that I really enjoy teaching the kids.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach you. I am sure that we can find that math is not something to hate and not understand but I hope to show you how fun math can be.

Wendi Chenault