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John and Wendi

The parents of our crew.

Happily married July 14 2001

Our Children

•Margaret age 14

•John Jr age 13

•Leighanna age 8

•Chris age 7

•Alice age 3



Margaret Chenault

•Plays Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track

•The oldest of our crew

•Favorite sport is basketball

•Birthday October 2,1989

•Pet puppy is Navidia




John Chenault Jr.

•Plays football, and basketball

•Plays the Trombone

•Favorite sport is football

•Pet rabbit named Zoebert

•Birthday 28 Jan 91






Leighanna Miller

•Favorite pet is Alby her rabbit

•Birthday 24 Oct 95

•Plans to follow big sis and play softball this summer

•Very good reader



Christopher Miller

•Very active

•Birthday 4 April 97

•Pet dog Jafar

•Loves to do puzzles with big sis









Alice Chenault

•The baby of the family

•Wants to do everything the older kids do including homework

•Can count to ten in Spanish

•Likes to go to big sis and bubs games

•Thinks Jasmine is hers