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They are many different games to appeal to all interests. Gets students interested in math because it is fun. Some of the games are even two player to appeal to the competitive student. Open this result in new window

This site has a variety of games and brain teasers. Would be a great site to encourage students to think about different ways to solve problems


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Wonderful site with many exercises to help learn junior high math. The cat that follows your mouse around makes it fun also because you have something to do while waiting for the pages to load


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This site has tools to help with homework along with a variety of games to learn math while making it fun. Great site for students to get help with homework



• Math Games and Math Puzzles
Catchy tune at the beginning. Has a variety of games including a rubrics cube


• - World of Math Online
Basic Math · Everyday Math · Pre-Algebra · Algebra · Geometry ·
Trigonometry · Statistics · Calculus · Advanced Topics · Others. Offers free math lessons and homework help, with an emphasis on geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus.

• Great Sites for Great Kids - math
 Many fun ways to check you math skills. ... Cyberchase varied and fun math and logic games; Hopping Pegs has various versions of the classic game.


• Math
... Math Car Racing (fun way for fact +, -, * drills); Power Football (DECIMAL fact [+, -, drill); ... FunBrain Number Games; Fun Math Memory Game; ...


Room 108 Kids stories, math, science, art, spelling, games and singing activities

... All the games are fun but educationally based. There are songs, art, math, kids games, children's stories and much more. ...


Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Mathematics

Contains lessons separated by grade level so the students can pick and choose how hard they want to work.


Fun math facts and tricks to try on your own.


More games to try. Just don’t think about it and you will forget you are learning